Exhibitions 2020 - 2021

Process in Progress

Process in Progress is a documentation of the flow of consciousness from two young artists, Nevan Hinks and Colleen Alcorn.

We present you with two shelves and invite you to take a peek into the working of our minds, by flipping through the pages of our personal sketchbooks from over the past five years.

Alcorn, Book 1

Alcorn, Book 2

Alcorn, Book 3

Alcorn, Book 4

Hinks, Book 1

Hinks, Book 2

Hinks, Book 3

Hinks, Book 4

Colleen Alcorn is a queer, non-binary, Guelph based artist who creates work that focuses on the tension and space between lines. Working primarily with wood, metal and ink in various combinations, her multi- media sculptures aim to create a push and pull for the viewer’s eye. When working on a 2 dimensional scale, she aims to create balance through the use of repetition whilst exploring themes of identity, upbringing and the weight of existence.

Nevan Hinks is a Guelph based artist who uses her work to document and build the ever changing relationship with herself and her own identity. Although she works with multiple different mediums, she makes all of her art with the purpose of expressing a piece of herself. She aims to bring viewers on a story through her experiences, and to take what they feel they need from it.