Exhibitions 2020 - 2021

Find your breath

By Emil White

Find your breath is a video installation that responds to the stress and insecurity that can build up from rapid and mindless consumption of images, fed to us by online media platforms. From tense politics to superficial advertisements, each wall of the virtual gallery space presents a video of fast-scrolling pictures which imitate the visual content that flood our newsfeeds and timelines on a day-to-day basis. The circle of shifting light and colour that emerges from the floor, along with the title, act a prompt; a call to mindfulness – to locate and draw attention to your own breath while acknowledging the stimuli in your mind, body, and environment.

Epilepsy Warning:

The following videos contain fast-moving imagery that appears to flash/flicker, which may be harmful to individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. The video’s do not play automatically and settings are available within the media-player window to adjust the video speed. Below the videos is a gallery of still-images taken from the videos.

Video Stills

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2 replies on “Find your breath”

Very well done, Emil! Focusing on the ‘breath’ created a sense of anxiety with all the photos scrolling by in my peripheral vision, fuelling the same sensation of being overwhelmed I experience with this exact issue.

Evoking those emotions so perfectly, even in an online platform, was what impressed me the most.

Great job again, Emil.


Really cool, Emil! You’ve successfully made affecting work in a virtual gallery. The detail on the floor is great. It will be great (and nauseating) to see it in person sometime!

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