Exhibitions 2020 - 2021

I am my father’s daughter

By Laura Vautour

This collection invites the viewer to examine the subtle nuances over a generation between two image makers. Laura’s curation of scanned slides from her father’s collection with the pairing of her own images illustrate the similarities and differences in composition, subject matter, and formal execution. These images comment on the notions of family, the inheritance of creativity, the thankfulness for one who went before, the acknowledgement of who is looking and what are they seeing, the formal elements of photography and prolific subject matter.

Daniel Vautour began his career in photography in his father’s studio at a young age. He then went on to teach the medium while working as a commercial photographer. His images show a rich interest in composition, colour, and include a variety of landscapes and portraits. Laura Vautour, his daughter, enrolled in a University photography class to better communicate with her father as he ages. Here she learned the technical processes of the medium, and her images often blur subject matter, order the image, include line work and explore the materiality of the image.