3D Rendering Art

If you are interested in 3D rendering your work into our virtual gallery for an exhibition OR learning more about creating 3D digital work, please contact U of G alumni Rachael McMunn at rmcmunn@uoguelph.ca. Rachael is currently studying VFX in her post grad at Toronto Film School and is working with Zavitz Gallery to assist students who are interested in getting their work into 3D.  

What’s possible? Talk to Rachael directly and she will work with you on bringing your idea to life. Each project is different, but just to name a few options; 

  • Bringing your own 3D models (digitally created in free software blender) into the gallery 
  • Texture mapping images of your flat artwork (paintings/prints/drawings) onto the virtual gallery walls or onto canvases with 3D edges 
  • Composit and build atmospheric scenes with 3D prebuilt models online. Many are free and can be found at sites like https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/3D-Models/free 
  • Stay part of the Zavitz gallery archive! Your work doesn’t just come down completely on Sunday for a new exhibition, you are moved to the archive and your work stays live. 

Think that the possibilities for your projects are actually larger than they were before! If James Carl has ever told you to go bigger and add more you can do it digitally. Please reach out to Rachael if you have any questions about a project or learning more about 3D rendering in general.