Exhibitions 2023 - 2024

Why Are You So Afraid Of A Plant?

Heather Seagrave


Why Are You So Afraid of A Plant showcases work from 2019 to the present, depicting cannabis in various forms. My undergraduate career has attempted to destigmatize cannabis; growing up with exposure to various levels of socioeconomic wealth allowed me to witness cannabis use be perceived differently amongst western culture, issues that I see as an extension of larger addiction and mental health stigmas as well as dismissive and classist perspectives. By patronizing and invalidating those who use cannabis, refusing to hear the experiences and opinions of those that they are scrutinizing, anti-cannabis individuals perpetuate a cycle of ignorance that was largely brought into focus by governments to further the sales of pharmaceuticals and promote fear.

My work conceptualizes these ideas and puts into question why society accepts a broad range of actions from wealthier people, while those who have no resources to defend themselves are constantly being bombarded. Additionally, my work challenges why such a stigma was allowed to be created and perpetuated in the first place. Cannabis has issues and harm associated with it- but for some, like myself, it is the lesser of evils to choose from. Most importantly, my work is about how everyone should be allowed to live their own, unique experience without judgment from others- and be able to tell their story.