Exhibitions 2023 - 2024

Permanently Multifaceted

Shan Moroz

Permanently Multifaceted Series – By Shan Moroz
Gessoed canvas, Acrylic, Oil pastel, Oil paint, Floss, Yarn, Beads

Cloud constellations are not only an ephemeral experience, but the sky is also the most egalitarian form of art because everyone has access to it. This series focuses on depicting cloud formations that prompt associations with other images, using the malleable nature of clouds and embroidered images I see in the clouds to spark a curiosity to what else can be conjured.

When I look at the stories that make up our culture, I can’t help but wonder about who’s biases are strong enough to shift the narrative rather than adding to it; a practice that creates barriers to active communications between different groups of people. I am combatting ableist structures within in our society by creating inclusive paintings that allow and encourage for the collaboration of the viewer.

My work performs in overlapping layers of different languages: paint, crochet, embroidery – creating images within the clouds that myself and others see in all stages of creation. My art mirrors my own demeanour of ever-changing interactions and shared storyboard in the form of cloud constellations.

Instagram: @0zy_art