Exhibitions 2020 - 2021

The Wedge

Melanie Leader

A letter to you


My name is Melanie. Better known as Mad Mel, like Mad Max. I am in my final year of the Studio Art program. My time in the program has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery. The stars aligned to find my strongest area in sculpture. 

I work in the welding and woodworking areas, and use other materials such as foam and plaster. My work occupies space and time to create a visual language that speaks to the viewer in a contemporary sensibility. 

Working with geometric principles to define volume and mass, I interlock planes and punctuate open spaces into a three dimensional abstract.

This sculpture is called The Wedge and it is the first virtual 3D rendered sculpture made by the Zavitz Gallery team. You can find more information about how it was created and other 3D rendering options here.