Exhibitions 2020 - 2021

Drive By

Abbigail Withers

Broken, falling down, and split apart, but still remarkable.  

Drive By came to life as my family and I were in quarantine. Trying to keep sane but not permitted to leave the house, we adopted a new ritual of going on Sunday drives. Once a week, my family and I left the house, left the worries of the pandemic behind, and drove through the enchanting country roads surrounding my rural hometown. Not wanting to leave the safety of the protective bubble that was our family’s van, each photo in this series was shot from a moving vehicle. The broken-down barns were later edited and split apart to mirror the separation from our friends, family, and loved ones during the pandemic.  

Many of the broken barns look as though one gust of wind could bring them down, yet they stand strong and firm. These barns have stood for years despite the winds’ attempts to bring them to collapse, and they will continue to stand for many years to come. My hope is that individuals can look at the barns in Drive By, remember the strength that they too possess, and stand strong and firm against the winds that threaten to beat them down.  

Barn 1

Barn 2

Barn 3

Barn 4

Barn 5

Barn 6