Exhibitions 2022 - 2023

Memory Work

MacKenzie Anderson

Memory Work addresses ideas of nostalgia, ephemera, and the delicate growth of a child as they become an adult. The transcendent feeling of reflection on childhood speaks through mediums reminiscent of play and those of structure. This exploration of emotional development reaches across the individual differences of the viewer and speaks a universal language.

Symbolic drawings of nondescript character(s) bring forth a connection between playful imagery and melancholic feeling. The longing to reconstruct memories manipulated by time becomes a process of acceptance of the past and its effects on the present.

Gestural expressions of comic scenes and performance video both analyze the comfort in the mundane aspects of childhood and juxtapose the fragility of those moments in the human mind. 

Anderson’s practice traverses through personal and fictional time-based concepts to evoke instinctive emotions, both positive and negative. Her multidisciplinary practice emphasizes how mark making can be meditation in internal work of the mind and the creation of objects allows for storage of nostalgic weight. 

This is Memory Work.