Exhibitions 2022 - 2023

Surface Tension

Isabella De Tullio

I often meditate on the personal sentiment and suffering that are inseparable from reality. 

I believe that all beings are products of many intricate narratives. Yet, the objective truth of such narratives is fragmented by emotion and an ever-developing perspective. I am attentive to the influences which shape individuals, but I often question how objective experiences can inform subjective personhoods. The relationship between individuals and their worlds is richly complex;  everything that one may witness or experience accumulates within and holds the potential to profoundly inspire and generate meaningful influence on the developing perspective and identity. As I investigate such accumulations, I contemplate the proliferating significances of such perspectives concerning the occupants themselves, as well as within an objective reality. The boundaries between self and truth fascinate me endlessly. Their relationship appears contradictory and competitive, yet reciprocal and symbiotic. My practice is dedicated to the exploration of these boundaries. Using my personal history as the primary informant for my work, I reflect on my present perception of the external world through the assessment of clarity and delusion, intending to achieve a broadened sense of self-awareness. As my investigation unfolds, it seems to me that through deciphering the relevance of my own prominent experiences, I am simultaneously nurturing myself, and honouring what is true. Parallel to representing the evolution of my own unique perspective, I also seek to emphasize the commonalities that liken differing perspectives. Through the deliberate use of universal signifiers, such as natural and domestic imagery, I hope that my work might resonate with others, and evoke their own personal sentiments. My pursuit to understand perspective is an ongoing process, and I invite others to reflect on how they are present, and what is present within them.