Exhibitions 2022 - 2023


Neluka Ameresekere and Emma Lippert

FRAGMENTS explores the nuances of human memory, the inherent triggers associated with it, and the importance of seemingly random events in our everyday lives. This exhibition was created from a collection of memories submitted anonymously by community members that held special and visceral significance to them. We asked participants for the triggers of their memories and explanations of what each sound, smell, taste, or object brought to mind. The beauty in the variety of answers is what fuelled this project and helped create an incredibly unique, yet universally relevant, collection of moments. FRAGMENTS moves the viewer through each type of memory from the wall exploring sounds that may provoke certain memories, to the still life containing significant objects, to the poem created from entries that were somewhat intangible yet beautifully written. We encourage the viewer to take time with each piece, appreciate the intimate memories that were shared for its creation, and reflect on what memories the work might prompt within themselves. 

Emma Lippert is an artist who dabbles in many media, most specifically photography. She has been pulled into the world of experimental art and text-based art, and she enjoyed the challenges and triumphs of this project. 

Neluka Ameresekere is an artist who specializes in photography, but has also explored other mediums such as experimental, and interactive art. This project serves as a canvas for her to utilize the many mediums she has learned to create a unique visual and auditory experience.