Exhibitions 2020 - 2021

To the Moon and Back

Romario Smith

To the moon and back is the expression of the influence of the 90s anime, Sailor Moon, on LGBTQ2IA+ youth. A reclaimed space for the Queer characters and themes that were censored in the English dub when it was brought to North America and an appreciation for the process of creating such animations by spotlighting the typically fast-moving frames.

Transformation and unconditional love are themes that this show very strongly embody and that many people, especially in the Queer community can relate to. We transform ourselves consistently both physically and emotionally to adapt to societal pressures, strengthen relationships and hopefully become some version of our best selves. Explore subject matter that touches upon sexuality, transformation, censorship, religion, accepting spaces, a mother’s love and sacrifice. 

This character is one that truly loves unconditional, whether it’s romantic, familial, or platonic and fights for that love till the end. She is an icon that reminds us to love those around us unapologetically or as I prefer to say, to the moon and back.

In support of my upcoming show ‘To the Moon and Back’ I’m collecting donations for Egale Canada. Everyone who donates will receive 2 stickers of paintings in the show. Click here for more information ??

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