Exhibitions 2021 - 2022

“tmi” is a collaboration between Maeve Hind and Alexa Collette that came to life with the help of Justin Meyers, their CNC machine technician. Through experimenting with digital drawing and a CNC (computer numerical control) machine, they were able to create bodies reflective of the many states involved in being human. Bringing together paintings as well as sculpture and technology, the process has been integral in creating the works. 

The show was prompted from reflection on the experience of shifting states of being, bringing to light what might be invisible beneath the surface of the collective yet individual human experience. In this way, they challenge the expectations of what is socially acceptable to display and discuss in public. 

Derived from personal experiences with invisible illness and shifting levels of ability, the figures in the show exemplify the range of human emotion and feeling within experiences. “tmi” promotes the notion of vulnerability as a strength that everyone has the ability to explore. In accepting these changing states, they are able to connect with a wider audience and genuinely represent themselves as people moving through the world. 

The goal is to provide a sense of visibility that meets the viewer exactly where they are, no matter the state. 

So the question we leave you to ponder is, Do you think this is tmi?

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