Exhibitions 2023 - 2024


Kyleigh Darchiville

“I am an interdisciplinary artist working in textiles (knitting, sewing, embroidery, felting, dying), photography and printmaking. My work explores themes of rediscovering joy through notions of ‘unraveling’ and ‘mending’ in celebration of the natural surrounding environment. Much of my textile work implores natural, ethical and sustainable textile production to render the environment using materials which honor it as opposed to causing more environmental destruction. My work encapsulates the archive as I utilize traditionally female dominated forms of domestic craft within the context of the contemporary art field.

My Zavitz exhibition ‘Reflektor’ will showcase a variety of my works; prints, knit items (which will be hung individually from the ceiling using hooks), textile pieces and sculptural works. I will fill the gallery completely with purple pieces exploring various flowers growing in my childhood garden through both textiles and printmaking and landscape scenes. My exhibition will explore notions of childhood, memory, ephemerality and extravagance.”

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