Exhibitions 2020 - 2021

Outdoor School

Experimental Studio 2019

Ethan White, Charlotte Stone, Chevanne Wisdom, Kate Steinbach, Chloe Hason, Michael Richardson, Hannah Martin-Paradis, Hannah Moffitt, Carolina Benitez, Siobhan Bean, Ruth “Bruce” Cortis, Claire Gammal, Emily Graetz, Emmi Boyle, Gillian Kloet, Martha Scroggins, Karen Houle, Fastwurms, Diane Borsato, Nathan Saliwonchyk, the Land, the Sun, the Water, the Animals, the Plants, the Fungi, the Food.

Experimental Studio: OUTDOOR SCHOOL is a unique multi-disciplinary and experiential course where students participate in activities that examine recent developments in contemporary art, including social practices, interventions, and the use of live materials including plants. The course includes various studio assignments, readings, field trips, visitors, and in-class workshops that offer opportunities to explore aspects of outdoor education and environmental art. OUTDOOR SCHOOL looks at recent examples from contemporary art, and considers the practices of other cultural practitioners including naturalists, activists, farmers, foragers, wildlife workers, navigators and horticulturalists. Students create and participate in Survival Tips workshops, do outdoor reading performances, go on hikes and forays, join a club, and create multi-disciplinary environmentally-themed final projects. We develop collaborative relationships with other departments and amateur organizations on campus, including projects in association with Agriculture, Horticulture/Landscape Architecture, Wild Ontario, the Honeybee Research Lab, and the Guelph Arboretum. Projects are in various media, including live performances, event or action based works, video, photography, and artist multiples.