Exhibitions 2023 - 2024

A Glimmer in the Shadows

Rebecca Beleutz

“My collection focuses on moments in my everyday life when the sun or moon’s light interacts with our world. I am fascinated by the moments where they create dancing shadows and light refractions that perform as extra layers in our reality. There are instances where there seems to be a bridge between worlds: no longer as predictable and monotonous as it was, life is transformed, becoming curious and enchanting. Part of my current art practice is to capture and document these transient moments and use them as inspiration for paintings and drawings. I recreate the moments and aim to conjure the emotions and wonder felt in those inspired instances so that they may endure in the form of photographs, videos, paintings and drawings. I hope to inspire viewers to take the time to contemplate the small moments in life that hold so much beauty when we are paying attention.”

Rebecca Beleutz

Instagram: @r.b.artistry