Exhibitions 2022 - 2023

What Are You Lookin’ At?

Erin Grant & Gabriel Evans-Cook

Erin Grant is an interdisciplinary artist who often explores distorted boundaries, while also considering the constructions of relationships in a world conforming to society. Her work is often influenced by strangers of Guelph’s nightlife, capturing people’s raw perceptions and emotions within a given moment. By collecting various images/ texts from randomly selected participants, she is able to create new meanings and interpretations within her paintings/drawings.

Gabriel Evans-Cook is an artist primarily interested in photography. His work has revolved around looking outwards into his interpersonal relations and juxtaposing those experiences against a nagging and ever-continuous introspection. His work presents vignettes that reflect lived experiences frozen in time combined with observations deduced from an attempt at self-awareness. His findings are presented through an unpolished and stylized lens.

Both exhibiting artists have been Guelph residents for over half a decade. Each of which relies on the city (or its absence) to evoke their next subject of creation. The walls of What Are You Lookin’ At? hold documentarian styled photography by Gabriel Evans-Cook in combination with mixed media drawings by Erin Grant. Erin and Gabriel incorporated an element of performance in the process behind What Are You Lookin’ At? as the two artists went out into the streets of Guelph, searching for community participation to collect quotes to interpret, drawings to appropriate, and portraits to capture.