Kim Le

Sao và Sọc (Stars and Stripes)
Fibers (Quiltwork)
60″ x 76″ x 1″

In America, seldom will you ever see Vietnamese diaspora fly the official flag of Vietnam, a red flag with the yellow star; emblematic of North Vietnam. The now defunct South Vietnamese yellow flag with three red stripes has been and remains the flag which Vietnamese diaspora use to represent ourselves. When we migrated to America, we flew this yellow striped flag next to the American red, white, and blue, honoring the land we left and the land we live in now. This quilted American flag is made of small Vietnamese flags, both North and South, in red and yellow Asian brocade silks. Representing the dysphoria Vietnamese-Americans have in regards to their flag, it showcases the intermingling visual and historical relationships between the flags of the representative countries.

Winthrop University

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