Exhibitions 2022 - 2023

JAS Top Ten 2023

The Juried Art Show (JAS, pronounced “jazz”) is an annual exhibition of artwork from the undergraduate students of the University of Guelph’s Studio Art program. Run annually since 1968, JAS is entirely student-run, and is one of the oldest art shows of its kind in Canada. It is a long-cherished tradition of the University, a capstone of community celebration for the school’s emerging artists, and platform for professional development. The Top Ten Show is an exhibit of the ten award-winning artworks selected by the JAS jurors.

This years top ten artworks are by the following artists: Julianna Wright, Hannah Pecyna, Marjan Kaviani, Kali Stadke, Jaida Strand, Nevan, Nerine Cavadias, Wendy Bishop and Avery Riley Mckay, Emma Lippert and Neluka Ameresekere, and Anna Golding.

1st place: Rothko

Julianna Wright

2nd place: Ovulation Beacon

Hannah Pecyna

3rd place: Isfahan

Marjan Kaviani

4th place: Time and Again

Kali Stadke

5th place: Gisinna

Jaida Strand

6th place: Untitled


7th place: 5 x 4

Nerine Cavadias

8th place: PoP

Wendy Bishop and Avery Riley McKay

9th place: Fragment

Emma Lippert and Neluka Ameresekere

10th place: I.E.D (Improvised Explosive Device)

Anna Golding