Georgia Howard

The Candles
11″ x 16.8″

This work is one of three prints from my senior thesis work titled, What If We Were No More Than A Commodity. The project explores the idea of a parallel universe where the roles of humans and light sources switch places. Through random doodles, I came up with the idea of a girl with a lantern for a head. I began to wonder what other people would live in this same universe and created more characters with light sources as heads. The viewer gets a glimpse into their ordinary lives as they read, go on a date, or just laze around the home. The human objects are there only as a means to light the surroundings and set the mood. Reversing the roles of humans and lights creates a sense of curiosity and absurdity. I ask the viewer to look into the world I have created and enjoy the comedic imagery. What started as a doodle has turned into a fleshed out concept that allows the viewer to imagine themselves in an alternate reality with a transmuted existence.


Winthrop University

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