Forced Depth

Emil White

Click the “Dynamic View” button to interact with the sculpture and view it from multiple angles.

Artist Statement

These past five years I have specialized and constructed much of my practice within photography, video, and other digital media. Through experimentation with digital and analogue techniques of abstraction, my work explores topics centered around mindfulness and self-image, as they pertain to our increasingly digital, yet physically fragile society. However, this year, as evidenced by my works presented in Manifold, my practice has undergone a conceptual and material shift as explorations of performance and sculpture have become my primary focus. 
My second piece in Manifold is a sculpture titled Forced Depth. The 3D printed sculpture of the phrase “Sorry” toys with the idea of the cheap repetitive apology that loses significance when not reinforced by action. Over the last near decade of my life, I have observed how unlearning and reconciliation can feel uncomfortable. Struggling to face this, Forced Depth is a sculpture that encapsulates the outsourcing of this inaction to a machine, highlighting the avoidance of reconciliation that occurs when our apologies aren’t backed by change. The length of the sculpture, indicative of the number of printed apologies, is an attempt at creating distance between the accuser and the accused.  
Moving forward I hope to form more concise connections between this apologetic sculpture and our colonial state – one that’s notorious for hollow apologies and vacant promises of reconciliation.

You can see more of Emil’s work on his instagram: @emil_whot