Exhibitions 2022 - 2023


Kira Alexanian

Cocoon reflects on growth, nostalgia and the whimsicality of childhood. This solo exhibition studies the overlaps between painting, textile work, and sculpture installation. Inspired by literal and imaginative symbols of the artist’s childhood, Cocoon weaves the dreamy softness of youth with a certain melancholy that lies in one’s reflection of childhood. At times, flawed mark-making and visible signs of labour emphasize an imperfect, almost childlike hand. Bright colours and warm environments are meant to encompass the viewer in an eccentric world of fantastical innocence. Precise symmetry meets arbitrary expressive lines in an attempt to recollect the intricate details of adolescence. The artist invites viewers to interact with and entwine themselves in Cocoon, but to be gentle, nurturing, and tender while doing so.