Exhibitions 2022 - 2023


Emma Lippert

Album1_Track1.mp3 is a journey through life using music as the guide. This collection of self-portraits represents the artist’s emotional reactions to seven significant songs from their life. Each song is tied to a moment in time that, for whatever reason, has shaped who they have become today. For many, music is the thread that weaves its way through time connecting memories. It can carry the residue of good and bad times, of seemingly unimportant events, and of life-changing ones. The artist invites you to explore each image and reflect on which songs accompany you through your life.

Emma Lippert works in many media, but primarily photography. She enjoys challenging herself with self-portraiture and has recently taken an interest in the ethereal qualities of certain photographic techniques. She explores themes of identity, memory, and human experience through her work. She strives to make work that can move you, that can make you reflect on who you are and what you carry with you.