Rachael Walker

In my current work, I am seeking to understand the relationship between humans and the environment. I aim to explore our dependence upon the land and our desire to control it. As we harness resources such as plants, water, and mined materials we leave evidence of ourselves. Due to this, our relationship with land influences our politics, societies, and identities. This work is a call to action as we begin to rethink our relationship with nature. By creating small modifications to my own surroundings I have begun an investigation into ephemeral and permanent changes. Through addition and subtraction, I look for new ways to perceive space by transforming the context of these environments. Each of the images contrasts elements of nature with man-made form by creating small installations. While some of the modifications will disappear over time due to nature or human interaction, others are irreversible. In this way, the piece invites viewers to use a self-reflexive lens to reconsider their own impact and relationship to their environments.