Suggested for You

Emil White

Suggested for You is a photo installation that responds to the escalating presence of personal data-collection, that in-turn influences the information we receive from our devices. Images of advertisements and user-advertising data are projected onto individuals and their personal spaces, contrasting the privacy of one’s room with privacy as it’s defined by tech companies, like Google or Apple. 

Our internet activity is constantly monitored, tracked, and stored as data. That data is then used to inform the self-selecting loop of information that we consume. While its rules of operation are buried in algorithms and terms of service, its presence is anything but discrete. Suggested for You rejects these behind-the-scene tactics and as a result these projections are large and intrusive. They ask the viewer to consider how data collection and advertisements infiltrate our private moments. 

You can find more of Emil’s works at @emil_whot on Instagram.