Katherine Topping

The 2020 pandemic has had a significant impact on me as an artist, as my experience of this year has mainly existed indoors. I have become more familiar with the characteristics of my house, with this, comes a new found appreciation for the peculiar details. This series contains photographs of my home, expressing the feeling of isolation. Covid-19 has put the world to a halt, and we are all dealing with similar crisis in different ways.

These images have become a way for me to process my environment. My work is rich in silence and time, encouraging the viewer to slow down and pay attention to the quiet, ambiguous feeling being presented to them. Paying attention to the cracks in the walls or the spaces between the floorboards, is to leave the viewer with a sense of stillness. As you look at these images, I ask you to pay attention to the details and slow down. The same way my environment has asked of me.

You can see more of Katherines work at @kegtop_art on Instagram.