Jordyn Mann

Throughout the past year I’ve been interested in photographing clouds. The simple gesture of looking up at the clouds gives me a feeling of escape. An escape that brings me a sense of happiness and feeling of calmness. My goal with this work was to portray this feeling of escape from reality and from the stress of the pandemic through my photographs of the clouds. This year we have all been experiencing some form of a routine, where we tend to see and do the same things on a day-to-day basis. By looking up at the sky, we are able to see an alteration in the clouds. It is something that is always changing when everything else stays the same. Looking up at the sky reminds us that clouds are unreachable, and the world is much larger than we are. These photographs are intended to provide a sense of escape from reality while you question the ways in which you view the clouds, and the influence the clouds have on you.  

You can see more of Jordyn’s work at on Instagram