Care Package

Alexis Freitag

This project is a collection of photographs living as an ode to my young self. Taken on my first camera from my pre-teen years, these photographs are the product of being a woman in a patriarchal and misogynistic society. The images are intimate and detailed cropped self-portraits of my figure. After several years of reworking my relationship with my body and womanhood, this project is a reclamation of my figure in a way that works to break the cycle of consistently being sexualized whilst claiming the space to be sexual in a culture that gives no breaks. This project is my body in its truest form, liberated from the gaze and above all, mine to control. The process of unlearning the inherently imbedded ritual of how one views a woman’s body exists as the turning point for my creative expression. I tire at the expectations placed upon me as a woman claiming her space, sexuality and confidence, and now redirect this occupation in society to work for me instead of against me. These photographs speak to the beauty, appreciation and unabashed love all bodies deserve to have and participate in the freedom to feel empowered.

You can find more of Alexis’ art at @alexislaurenart on Instagram.